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Don’t Let a Collision Wreck Your Life

Read about car accident law in Burien, WA

Car accidents are frightening because they can create major life changes for those involved. You could suffer from injuries and property damage, leaving you unable to work or make ends meet. Robert J. Blazak Attorney At Law is a car accident attorney in Burien, WA who can represent you. Personal injury law is complicated. You need an experienced attorney in your corner to explain your rights and fight for your best interests.

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Car accidents mean large expenses

While car insurance is designed to cover post-collision costs, many insurance companies will do everything in their power to give you as little as possible. You need a capable car accident attorney to make sure that you get the coverage you’re owed. You may be eligible to receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Emotional pain
  • Lost opportunities

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