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Steve N.

“Robert Blazak saved my family. Everyone told me men don’t win child custody cases. I gave the facts to Robert. He understood my position immediately. He was phenomenal in the courtroom-clear, concise and convincing. There were a number of court sessions with a fair but tough judge. The outcome was: I was given custody of my children. Without question, if I had not had this very professional lawyer on my side today I would not be living with my stable, energetic children whom I dearly love. I believe Robert Blazak is the most honest man I have ever met. His fees were reasonable and fair. If I had selected anyone else I might have lost and been left with a bill that put me in debt for years.”

Jeannie, Pauline, Daniel

“We had 3 attorneys represent us, including Mr. Blazak, on overlapping matters. Mr. Blazak provided us with the best service, had compassion for our beliefs and goals and consistently gave us thoughtful, legal guidance throughout the process and explained our rights and options to us at critical times and with his guidance we achieved all our goals in each case. Thank you Mr. Blazak.”